Mr. Bennie G, flamboyantly eccentric toy maker. Owner of BennieG Toys. Creator of “Lubs”, the addictive polymer toy. “ Everybody needs some Lub”.
Baron Hans, “general” manager of BennieG Toys.
Margaret Marchenko.  Once a nun, a crisis of faith led her away from the church.  The search to find herself led her to her family’s homeland of Nargania.  It was here that she met and became a “student” of Mistress Paradox*.  She  has since returned to Grimwood Falls,  there she runs the shelter “Mercy’s Home**”. Despite  the secrets she keeps she has found a place among those in her care.  They have nick-named her “Sister M”.

*Sister M was among the hostages rescued  during the Narganian incursion by Qui’ote Five.
**Mercy’s Home is funded by a grant from STATUS inc.