Doctor Brent Spaulding
, psychologist / psychiatrist . Administrator of the Alpha City Sanitarium. A leading authority on the mentally disadvantaged, his staff and patients, affectionately refer to him as “the Brain”.

Thomas “Kong“ Chadwick
, orderly. A, well liked, member of the Sanitarium staff.  He attends culinary school in his off time. Hopes to one day host “Cooking with Kong” on the food channel.

Shane Whittle
, patient. A diagnosed multiple personality, he most often answers to the name “Diana”.

Andrew Erickson, patient. An obsessive compulsive. Andy keeps a meticulously arranged collection of over 400 pet rocks.

Lenny Greznikki, patient. A permanent fixture at the Sanitarium, Lenny is still waiting on his imaginary friends to show up.

Doctor Jan Fox, Psycho-therapist . The  Sanitarium’s resident authority on anti-social behavior. She employs  a break-thru role playing technique to teach patient how to better interact with others.

J.J. Daniels, patient. One of the hospital only two patients ever diagnosed with “Quixote syndrome“.   Engrossed in his knightly illusion “Sir Jay” is one of the sanitariums more flamboyant residents.

Luis Trejos, patient. Hannibal Lecter he’s not, hospitalized for a bizarre plant fixation.  The papers labeled him a “ Garden variety serial killer”.

Doctor Jim Black , patient. Once a member of the staff, Dr Black suffered a nervous breakdown.  Now A patient he still gets up every morning and reports for work.